Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Photo Of Jamie Lynn Spears’ Baby Girl Maddie Briann

Jamie Lynn Spears is so excited and proud to be a new mom to beautiful baby girl Maddie Briann that she couldn’t resist posting the very first picture of the precious new Spears family member.

She is absolutely gorgeous!! Along with the photo of Maddie, Jamie Lynn leaves a message on her MySpace:
"I can’t say it was something I was planning to do right now,But now that it’s in my lap and that it’s something I have to deal with, I’m looking forward to being the best mom I can be"
Jamie Lynn Spears Proud Mom Of Maddie Briann
Date: Jun 20, 2008 8:28 PM
Subject: hey guys its on my iPhone
Body: lol thank you all guys for the comments and messages..i love you all guys
some of u are surprised about the name..but casey didnt actually like the other names.

Maddie Briann OMG now i really understand my mom lol..sometimes she was overprotective but now i understand why.

now Maddie is sleeping like an angel and im still in hospital..
i had a natural birth and yeah
thank u guys for the pic comment...
it really means alot to me!!!!

I wasn’t expecting to see that baby anytime soon… I thought they would sell the baby’s photo but Jamie Lynn surprised us… respect!!
Congrats Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge for the beautiful baby!!

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Anonymous said...

hiya jamie!!!! omg ur baby is really cute and im so happy 4 u...hope u hav a gud nd happi lyf wiv u nd ur baby nd obviously casey!!! nd i know ull be da best mom 4 ur baby shes soo luki shes gt a mum lyk u and congratulations to jamie lynn spears and family luv yhooo kamie lynn spears ur the best!!!

alisamarie said...

hiya jamie!!!! omg ur baby is really cute and im so happy 4 u...hope u hav a gud nd happi lyf wiv u nd ur baby nd obviously casey!!! nd i know ull be da best mom 4 ur baby ur baby maddie is so cute and adorable i well congreats 2 both of u guys

Anonymous said...

Hay JamieLynn love your baby itas cute i can definatley tell it will look just like you! :)
Have fun being a mama!!! I will pray for ya! :) Congrats andgood luck. I give you and Casey my wishs for you guys to have a beutiful baby!!!

***Love ya JamieLynn*** :)

***Your biggest fan***

Anonymous said...

hey jamie i think that your baby is so cute........i also have a little girl she is my whole world i don't know what i would do without her in my life..i wish you the best of luck..

Marie said...

Hi Jamie,

CONGRATZ!! i hope you feel good. and everything works out. She's beautiful
I'm sorry but this may soud a little rude, y did you have a baby when you are only 16?
it'a a little weird...especially if you are mad at the father

Anonymous said...



paul said...

aww jamie i think casey picked a beautifal name! anyways if u dont read this oor if u do just remember you bring that baby up the best why u can but i am so happy for you !!! wow i wish i could actually talk to you! well have a good life mommy jamie ! bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hey jamie Omg your maddie Is sooooo sweet

*Top Fan* of ****Zoey 101***** said...

Heyy Jamie!! Maddie is Adorable! I hope your feeling well and doing well and have mabye SLEPT!!! Lol. I have a couple questions if you dont mind answering them...
first question...... Are you still going to be starring in Zoey 101 or are they just not going to make any new ones and are you going to stop acting and everything and be a mother or try to do both? Thanks for taking your time and reading this thanks. your #1 Fan!!!!!!!!

Keirrison said...

Jamie, I LOVE YOU, please, come to brasil, we love u (:
i wanna see you *-*

daisey said...

hey jamie how u doing well yeah ur baby girl is so pretty well i hope u wb please if u have a myspace. can u add me if u dont my msg n yahoo i hope u get back at me

♥Dominican Shortiie♥ said...

hi Jami I♥ your new baby girl i hope your happ ith her and she is so beutiful. who do you think she will look like when she grows up? you or the daddy?

Ebone said...

Sh3 pr3tty lo0kInG Lik3 HeR M0m Congrates on H@ving a Pre3ty baby LOL