Friday, June 13, 2008

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Wedding Drama & Baby Name

It seems like there will be no wedding for Jamie Lynn and her baby daddy Casey Aldridge. It might turn out to be the best for both!! They were being pushed into a situation that normally ends in a bitter divorce later.
Give Jamie Lynn and Casey time to adjust to their new life and responsibilities and if marriage is what they really want there’s plenty of time to do it!

Jamie Lynn Spear’s baby joy turns to tears because her wedding to Casey Aldridge is off! The pregnant teenager has called off her wedding. Ever since the Zoey 101 made the shocking announcement that she’s pregnant, her mom, Lynne Spears, has been pushing her to marry baby daddy Casey.
And while it seems like the teen mom-to-be has been trying her best to do the right thing, insiders tell Star that the tension between the two young parents-to-be has become so intense that it’s doubtful they will ever tie the knot.
“Jamie Lynn and Casey have been fighting non-stop about everything, from what to name the baby to what to eat for dinner,” a source tells Star. “And now she’s called off their wedding plans.” (source)

The couple has decided to call their baby girl Emma Jean… wow really?? A normal name for a celebrity baby?? No fruit name? Or Arabic? Or senseless?? Go Jamie Lynn!!! This girl got it right with the name!

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