Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Minnie Driver Secret Baby Daddy Is Colin Farrell!! (Photos)

British actress Minnie Driver wants to keep her baby’s daddy secret which of course led to a lot of speculation. She recently gave us some clue to his identity saying he is English (from the UK?) and that they have avoided detection because “he’s really busy, like me”.Minnie and Colin were seen in the same place at a beach when Colin Farrell went ballistic on the paparazzi. Celebitchy got the facts and the theory:

Recent beach photos taken of Colin Farrell and seven months’ pregnant Minnie Driver were from the same place and there’s a video that shows that Farrell and his son were at the beach that day with Driver.
Here’s a link to the video of Farrell and Driver on the beach. In the video, Farrell gets upset when he notices the paparazzi filming him with his four year-old son in the water. He takes his son back to a towel where Driver is standing, and then runs up to the camera, saying “Are you f’ing taking a picture of me and my boy? Turn that off.” The photographers stop videotaping at that point.
It’s possible Driver broke up with the father of the baby, that she’s with Farrell and he’s not the father or that she’s just friends with Farrell. You can understand him getting upset about his son being filmed, but it seems like he might also be trying to keep his relationship with Driver secret.
British-born Driver, 38, has been wearing a ring with a green stone on her left ring finger. Farrell, 32, is from Ireland, and has also been seen with a suspicious ring on his wedding finger. He was last known to have been dating an Irish student, but commenters say that they’ve been broken up for nearly a year.

I can totally see Colin and Minnie getting hot, crazy and keeping it private… I guess time will tell…
Colin Farrell still looks scary skinny! I thought the movie in which he plays a war photographer was over… we want sexy Colin back!!

Photos: DailyMail

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