Friday, July 18, 2008

Is Lindsay Lohan Gay?? Is The Pope Catholic?? (Photos)

After nearly five days without her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan just couldn’t hold back. When Samantha Ronson, arrived on the LA set of Lindsay’s movie Labor Pains on July 10, Lindsay rushed toward her, not caring who saw. As they headed off set, the couple — who in the past have gone out of their way to hide their physical affection — tenderly brushed hands.
The moment wasn’t lost on anyone around them. “It looked like a really big deal for Lindsay,” an onlooker says. “She knew people would see her and Sam and know they were together. It looked like she knew it was time.”
While most of Hollywood’s wondering if the relationship is an act, Lindsay’s inner circle believes it’s the real deal. “Everyone knows they’re together and in love,” says a pal of Lindsay’s.
But while Lindsay — who has publicly battled issues with men, drugs and alcohol — seems to have finally found peace with Sam, her heart is still breaking.
The reason: Lindsay’s family hasn’t accepted her new relationship. Despite the couple’s obvious attraction, Lindsay’s mom, Dina, told Life & Style at a recent NYC event that the two girls are merely “very good friends.”
Despite her parents’ reaction to her relationship, Lindsay is determined to make things with Sam work — and when Sam recently presented her with a $22,000 Cartier ring as a symbol of their commitment, Lindsay happily accepted it.

[Source; Photos: TMZ]

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