Friday, August 15, 2008

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Secret To Miraculous Weight Loss

After the unflattering photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fuller-figure in a bikini came out in November, she felt the need to defend herself from critics and insist she was completely comfortable with her size 2 (10) body.
Even through Jennifer says she didn’t lose weight for the mean things said about her, she still wanted to feel on top of her game. The result is astonishing she lost 18lbs in only 10 weeks!

"I am in a pretty good workout regimen that I like, so it inspired me to keep it up," Hewitt tells Us. "The energy level and the way I feel now is great."
"With her, it's not, 'I want to look good in that dress,'" trainer Stevie Sant'Angelo tells Us. "She wanted to start moving around because she thought it would make her feel better. "She told me, 'They said some rude, mean things, but that's not why I wanted to change,'" Sant'Angelo says. (source)
I know what you guys are thinking… she is a cynical b*tch that lost no time getting back into shape even after she stood up for all the different sized women! Let’s not go there! Since I started this blog I said I needed to drop some weight, things got a bit out of control and finally in February I started a diet! People said I looked great (not really!), some people said i did… anyway I beat JLove, I lost 20-22lbs and I'm now feeling better than ever… well I still felt sexy before, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like myself then… but I feel so much better now… I totally understand what JLove went through… I’m sure I had a point when I started this crazy rambling…
Jennifer looks absolutely amazing! 18lbs less or more doesn’t change the sexy person that she is!! :D

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