Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kate Hudson Does W Magazine (Photos & Interview)

A single Kate Hudson is the new cover girl for the September 2008 issue of W Magazine. Kate, who looks absolutely fabulous (someone had lots of fun with Photoshop), opens up about taking risks, family and her intense dating life.
On taking risks: “I have this personality—and there’s a downside to it too—but I have this thing where it’s like, okay, I’ve chosen to bungee jump off this ledge. I have to do it. And if the cord snaps, well, I might as well enjoy the ride down.”

On spending the “prime Hollywood partying years” of her early 80’s caring for her son, Ryder: “Am I gonna look back and say, God, I wish I could have gone to that… that… concert? I’d rather be listening to my son sing songs. I’d rather be watching him sleep.”

On keeping in touch with ex-husband Chris Robinson: “We iChat with Chris constantly. No matter what is going on in my life, relationship-wise, Chris takes absolute precedence. It’s important for Ryder to hear me say how wonderful Chris is, and how much Chris misses him.”

On exposing details of her dating life: “It’s so hard for me, because I’m so open, to hold back. I could really just go on forever about this stuff. We can talk about Chris till the dogs come home. I married Chris, I had a baby with Chris, Chris will be in my life for the rest of my life. But everything else—I’ve learned that things are better left private until you’re actually planning the wedding.”

Source: W Magazine

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