Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Britney Spears dating Paparazzi!!?? The Real Story

Oh yeah this girl never stops surprising us… one minute she is going crazy insane with the paparazzi and the next she’s getting into one’s car and inviting him back to her hotel room.
JUST INSANE!! The story goes like this, Britney wants to take a photo of a mural and photographers get together like bees, trying to take her picture…
"I can't take a picture with you motherf***** standing there. You stupid f****. Move. Shut up." – says Britney (view video here).
After giving up her photography attempts, Britney and her assistant stormed back to her car, with the singer smacking her camera off a neighboring vehicle. I see more problems with the law in the future…
Just 15 minutes later Britney is almost apologizing to the paps "I love you guys... I'm just in a bad mood. It's not like me to get mad at you." Making paps look for her memory card (they should be looking for her sanity!), Britney is so happy she jumped into the car of a British photographer - known as Asnan - and sped off.
The pair were soon spotted at a local drugstore, where a beaming Britney led Asnan into the store while holding hands.

Britney caused a commotion in the store trying to get into the bathroom, and started speaking in a British accent, shouting "oh my Lord".
After driving away from the store separately, Britney popped home to "freshen up" before the pair rendezvoused outside the Peninsula Hotel, where they spent the remainder of the night.
Arriving at the Peninsula, Britney had changed out of her red top and jeans and was sporting an ill-fitting leopard-print dress and pink wig.
Asnan briefly left the hotel at 4am to buy cigarettes and told waiting photographers outside he was "just having lunch" with the star.
After returning a short time later, Asnan remained at the hotel until 10.25am on Sunday morning, but refused to explain what he had been doing with Britney.
When asked by American magazine Us Weekly about his relationship with Britney, Asnan said: "We are just friends. She was just a little upset, pretty much about everything."
Damn that’s too much to take in one day!!! Britney sure can keep things interesting in her day to day life… one thing I'm sure, she won’t be getting bored anytime soon!!


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Idaho said...

I'd love to know what his WIFE has to say about his "lunch" with Spears! Yes....Opps She Did It Again! This ones married too!