Sunday, December 16, 2007

Spice Girls Kick Off Their European Reunion Tour

After Baby Spice tumbled on stage in their last concert in Las Vegas and she had to attend the launch of the ‘Spice One’ plane in crutches, I didn’t think they would be back on stage so soon!
In spite of Emma not being fully recovered she gave her best on stage and she was spotted wearing much comfortable boots. The Spice Girls got great reviews too and the fans were totally wild in the O2 Arena in London.

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They are doing so well and enjoying the reunion so much that there is a possibility to extend the tour and get more songs released! Yes please we want more Spice!!!
"Although the initial plan was to do a 45-date world tour, release one new track plus a greatest hits album - before quitting on a real high - each of them has enjoyed every minute of their comeback and are seriously considering extending the reunion.
This would mean getting a serious team of song writers behind them and producing four or five stonking hits, all potential number ones.
It's just up to them to decide what happens next. Certainly, offers are on the table." DailyMail

2 confessions:

lisa q. said...

i love them, love them, love them! :D

loving the holiday look girl! too hot!

T.C. said...

They look great!