Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tony Parker is Innocent!! DID NOT Cheat!

Eva Longoria didn’t get burned by standing up for her man, the whole case with UNknown French model Alessandra Paressant is just a big publicity stunt by this woman.
Alessandra is just another pathetic model with no life at all but with a big imagination, she also made up a romance with Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho. I guess she is well known now for her tricks now…
The photos and videos sent to X17 weren’t even of Alessandra… no, she tricked a German model Hana Nitsche to appear as the French model (Celebitchy). How insecure do you have to be to sent pictures and videos of someone else claiming it’s your own!? How stupid??
Or should I say: how smart?? Cause after all we don’t know what Alessandra looks like… So who’s going to be her next victim?!
Tony Parker is right to be upset by all this media frenzy but I still think he is suing the wrong people! He is reportedly suing X17 for $20 million saying they didn’t obey to their journalistic duty to report his side of the story and not adequately checking out the woman’s story.
I say Tony should be suing Alessandra Paressant, this bitch started it out… she invented the story not X17!!! Besides if we heard Tony’s version at the time we wouldn’t really believe him, the case against him was solid… until proven wrong of course.

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