Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eva Longoria Out in Miami Looking Pregnant!!

Despite denying she is expecting, Eva Longoria blamed the Writer’s Strike and lack of work for a little weight she might have gained. To tell the truth I don’t think she gained weight at all but she sure has a belly sticking out in that dress.
The photos show Eva Longoria checking out of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Miami in a cute dress, these huge gorgeous high heels and or she has a really bad case of bloat or that’s a baby bump. Clearly Eva and Tony weren’t taking notes when Matthew McConaughey announced he was expecting…

“I’m not pregnant now,” the actress, 32, said. “I’ve just gained weight from being on strike. My publicist sends me a picture. She’s like, ‘So they’re saying you’re pregnant, you have a baby bump.’ I’m like, ‘I just finished eating.’ I had no bump. I just ate pasta and Italian and my pants were too tight and totally have a gut. But this pregnancy thing, we’re just laughing our butts off, cause I really just had a fat day.”
Yeah right a fat day!! That’s kind of the best excuse to looking pregnant… ok, maybe Eva isn’t pregnant but her husband Tony Parker wasted no time to tell he wants kids and he wants to be a hero for his kids.
“Tony wants his children to be able to see him play… and I’d like lots of little TP juniors.” – Eva said but “I want to work hard now so when I do have children I can just kind of enjoy them later.”
So let’s wait and see. If she is pregnant she won’t be able to hide it for much longer…

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