Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lauren Conrad Almost in her Birthday Suit & Drunk!?

Ooops… that’s one close step to complete nakedness Lauren!! :D
The Hills star is not afraid to use a very dangerous gorgeous red dress, but she needs some lady classes on how to get out of a car.
Is it just me or doesn’t she look like she is completely wasted?? Or maybe Lauren was just too sleepy from all the partying she does in her little life… I don’t know maybe if she could find a real job… :)
Anyway thank god that coat is on the way of a major nip slip and that girl holding Lauren is in the way of a very embarrassing scene of falling out on the floor and out of her dress… something very dramatic!!


2 confessions:

Anonymous said...

omg. i love her dresse. did anybody SEE ONE aaround anywear like it??? do you guys know what mark it is? its for my prom, i would love too have ont like that.
thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

*** have one like that.