Monday, September 10, 2007

2007 MTV VMAs: Justin Timberlake shows no love for Reality Stars

The controversial at the 2007 MTV VMAs doesn't end with Britney's performance and Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight, no way!! When Justin Timberlake was about to receive the award for Male Artist of the Year presented by The Hills girls, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge & Whitney Port, Timbaland takes over the MoonMan and the stage giving Justin the award himself!!

As a part of Justin's "winner's speech" he asks “Play more dayum videos. We don’t want to see the Simpsons [Jessica & Ashley] on reality television. Play more music videos!" I have to say i agree with Justin here, MTV means Music Television not Reality TV!!

4 confessions:

lisa q. said...

yep, finding a music video on MTV is like finding a needle in a haystack! go justin! :D

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Drama Div@ said...

i read somewhere saying that JT was lip syncing too [like BS] but there is no roar about it!

Taylor_Blue said...

I know on MTV canada we have no videos at all...I think that they are just trying to capitalize on it. I really like The Hills though. What about Real World...when it first started there were still videos...that was way back in the 90's I remember watching it! I don't seems like the Music stations are getting away from that now... :(

confessing7girl said...

@lisa: yep justin has it right we wanna hear and see music!!

@drama div@:i dunno about JT hummm if he was he was doing a good job at least he was working the stage!!

@taylor:yeah its a little sad we want music or at least MTV should think about changing their name to RTV!!!