Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paris Hilton Takes L-Word Seriously: Paris Hilton vs. Katherine Moennig

There's nothing else in the world Paris wants more than a role in the lesbian drama The L-Word and she is wasting no time rehearsing and getting into the groove of the show.
Paris makes the cover of 944 February issue topless and in Calvin Klein’s underwear. Doesn’t it remind you of a scene of L-Word season 4, when Shane has to model for Hugo Boss so she can pay for her little brother’s medical expenses???

So let’s make this into a Face-OFF: who does the topless underwear modeling better Paris or Katherine Moennig (Shane)??
Meanwhile, check out Kate on Hugo Boss photoshoot and Paris inside 944 magazine.

2 confessions:

Anonymous said...

Kate wins! Hands down. Paris looks like Socialite Skank Barbie trying desperately to be cool

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton for Calvin Klein is a stupid copy of Katherine Moennig (Shane)for Hugo Boss!

Kate is the Best,of course...and the original!

Who the fuck is Paris Hilton?!
She's not a lesbian! She is a BIG RICH PORN STAR!