Friday, June 13, 2008

Tom Cruise Stalks Desperate Katie Holmes

When Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise she wasn’t expecting him to be so controlling in every aspect of her life. He controls what she dresses, eats and works on… ever wondered why Katie has been away from the movies for so long? Tom is the answer…Katie was set to take Broadway by storm and with that earn a little more freedom from her obsessed husband… as we reported before getting away from Tom wasn’t going to be easy!!

She loves her family, but she was looking forward to having a little space and independence,” says an insider close to the actress. But by the time she actually got to NYC, all she appeared to do during her stay was travel between her hotel and the midtown theater where she was rehearsing.
So why did the formerly full-of-life star now seem so disheartened? One insider points the finger at Tom, 45, claiming he’s back to his old habit of trying to control Katie’s life. Tom’s decided to get a place in New York City so he and Suri can be by Katie’s side nearly all the time, the insider says. But far from being touched by his decision, Katie’s feeling suffocated.
These days, Katie’s having a harder and harder time putting on a happy face. At the couple’s housewarming party at their new LA mansion, Katie looked annoyed, says a witness — and the tension between her and Tom was obvious. Says the insider, “Katie tried to smile and have a good time, but she’s really upset with Tom these days.” (source)

Tom is a bad influence in both Katie’s life and career… I wonder how she can live like that. A prisoner in her own home and having her every move closely watched by the father of her child, baby Suri.

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