Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby Spice Emma Bunton had baby boy

Congratulations to the new mom!!
New baby in the Spice World, Emma Bunton also known as Baby Spice gave birth to a healthy boy on Friday at London's Portland Hospital. The baby name is Beau and the happy father Jade Jones
(former member of British boy band Damage) says "In fact, Emma is tucking into some flapjacks and Coca-Cola as we speak. We are both absolutely delighted and can't wait to take Beau home".
Emma is the fourth Spice Girl to have babies and in December the Girls are reuniting for a last World Tour (get your tickets)... maybe they can get renamed the Spice Mommas :D

5 confessions:

KAYLEE said...

HEY How are you? I have had successful surgery and will be here in the hospital until friday but wanted to let you know that I am recovering quite well.i am so bored here that i am using my laptop haha.anyways I am so glad for her :P

lisa q. said...

awww congrats to the new parents! :P

SJ said...

Were you tempted to title the post as "Baby has baby" ?

Spice Mommas actually has a nice ring to it.

curryegg said...

Thank god! Emma has safely given birth to her son!
Good news!

confessing7girl said...

@kaylee:hi girl how r u feeling?? u had surgery?? and u r already on ur laptop!!?? u should be recovering girl!!!

@lisa:hehe the baby must be soo cute!! :D now lets wait for the exclusive baby photos!! :D

@SJ:i was soo tempted to call it that!! but every news piece i could find on this subject had a similar title so i just controlled my impulses!! :D

@curryegg: hii girl!! yeah a baby boy!! heheh who else wants to see the baby pictures???? :D