Sunday, September 9, 2007

2007 MTV VMAs: Kanye West disses Britney Spears

The MTV Video Music Awards didn't even start yet and the stage is already on fire, on the left corner big ego man Kanye West and on the right corner ex-pop princess Britney Spears!!
Yes, Kanye West thinks he should be opening the VMAs ceremony saying “I can’t believe she would perform, she hasn't had a hit record in years.” and goes even further stating “Maybe my money’s not right. Maybe my skin’s not right”.

Countdown... one hour to go...

2 confessions:

Gloria said...

Geez...not that Britney is really talented. But come on now Kanye. I'm getting sick of his ego. Just who does he think he is? Just because he sang about blood diamonds doesn't make him music Zeus.

confessing7girl said...

@gloria: girl u r totally right!! his big ego is just getting on my nerves too!!! he thinks he is the best what can we do??