Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spice Mamas Bring Kids on Stage

The Spice Girls couldn’t resist bringing their bundles of joy on stage while singing their song Mama at London's O2 Arena. The result was a beautiful moment between moms and kids that had their ears all protected from the noise levels on stage.
The Spice Kids are Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz (Beckham Kids), Phoenix Chi and baby Angel Iris (Scary’s Kids) and finally beautiful 4 months old baby Beau! Emma Bunton can’t keep her eyes out of the latest Spice Family member and yeah he is soooo cute! Congratulations to Emma and Jade!!
Geri’s daughter Bluebell was the only one not to make an appearance and that was probably cause of the chicken pox that caused some trouble on the begging of the Reunion Tour.
Only Melanie C doesn’t have a baby yet but she says that the clock is ticking and she would really want to be a mom specially after she had more contact with the Spice Kids.

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T.C. said...

Ah, that's really sweet!

lisa q. said... sweet is that! :P