Monday, February 4, 2008

Pregnant Jessica Alba Dumps Cash Warren!!??

Things aren't going well in paradise… Jessica’s relationship with bad boy Cash Warren isn’t going as pretty as they want it to appear…
Rumors say the couple was already struggling before they found out they were pregnant but it seems like the baby isn’t the solution.
"Jessica was so distraught that she fled LA — and Cash — and took off for Sundance alone," says a friend. "She's telling everyone that she just needs time away. It's an act. Jessica's secretly a wreck."
After a few days of being apart, Cash eventually decided to follow Jess to Sundance. But it may have been too little, too late. "She feels like she's in her pregnancy alone," says the source.
Adds another friend, "They can't agree on anything anymore. Jessica picks a baby name and Cash says 'no way'. Then any name Cash thinks is cool, Jessica thinks is stupid."
The source says before they knew they were going to be parents, Cash and Jess had been struggling to get their relationship back on track. The couple's romance had been rocked by a Russian model's claims Cash was cheating on Jess with her.
"The baby was a bandaid measure," says the source. "They thought that having a baby together would help."
Jessica if you are not happy just leave him… you are too good for him anyway! Wish pregnant Jess all the happiness and peace of mind needed for someone in her condition!

(photos of Jessica at ‘The Eye’ premiere)

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