Sunday, January 20, 2008

Britney Spears vs. Adnan Ghalib: Lovers No More

I guess all that paparazzi celebrity love just run out on Adnan or maybe finally Britney woke up to all his schemes to make good money out of a relationship with the popstar or maybe friend Sam Lufti is one hell of a brainwasher!!
I don’t even care what happened for Britney to turn her back to paparazzo Adnan, but she came to her senses and just filed a restraining order against him. Or she is on the verge to fill out the paperwork…
According to LAPD no restraining order has been officially filed, but that doesn’t mean the Toxic singer hasn’t started the paperwork. Yet it was Sam Lufti who presented some photographers with some papers for a restraining order saying “Look at this!”
A source says Britney Spears “expressed disappointment and anger toward Adnan for being ’set-up’ in photographs that Adnan and his agency, Finalpixx, have sold of Britney and Adnan together.”
Yep Finalpixx it’s over with the exclusives of Britney!!
On the other hand, Adnan was not aware of any restraining order having been filed against him.
When asked if he and Britney had had a fight, he said: “Everything is and was fine.”
I guess things aren’t fine!! The snapper said he had been in Santa Barbara for the last two days and that the pop princess had been in Sam Lutfi’s care.
Great!!! Adnan is out; only one more to go, Sam must be next!! Where is Britney’s family when she needs it??


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Drama Div@ said...

sesh... it's just another story of BS's never ending drama... arent we all bored with BS's ongoing drama?