Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Photos of JLo & Marc Anthony Twins!!

JLo and Marc Anthony sold their baby twin’s photos to People magazine for 6 million dollars!! Now that’s a deal, but it’s still not enough for JLo since she wants them to stop calling her JLo.So that’s why I’m calling her JLo now. Jennifer Lopez named herself JLo and now she wants people to stop calling her JLo, that’s like denying her roots!! I can’t understand that…
This gives us more reasons to call her JLo! That’s not all, JLo wants her skeleton husband to be the one to take the babies’ photos! Those little babies are already big divas just like their mom and daddy!
Of course a rep from People Magazine denied everything, "This is absurd, but thanks for the additional publicity on the photos."

Thanks CircusHour for this exclusive first photos of JLo's twins!

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slacker chic said...

The resemblance is uncanny.