Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jessica Alba is Ready for a Low-Key Wedding

Jessica Alba and baby daddy Cash Warren are now thinking about marriage, after some reports their relationship was shaky. Cash is about to make Jess an honest woman in a low-key ceremony to happen in a date and place unknown.
In Jessica’s family, weddings aren’t a happy event… it seems like they hate weddings! OH yeah I can totally understand them, I hate weddings too, so boring, soo kinda surreal… I don’t know how to classify it!!
Anyway it might not even be a real wedding, Alba says: "I am probably going to get my certificate at the City Council, throw a big party for the family and that's about it. Everyone I know hates weddings. I've been to very big, beautiful and romantic weddings but I would rather just throw a big party."
Now that’s a great idea!! Don’t forget to invite us to that big party, we wanna get high and wasted too!! ;)

(Photos of Jessica Alba out in London last week)

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