Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Shiloh Excited To Be a Big Sister

Baby Shiloh was a little jealous at first with the birth of her twin sisters but now a source reveals she is learning how to love the babies and she is excited and ready to welcome them in the Jolie-Pitt gang.

"It took her a while, but now she's as excited as the rest of the family," a Jolie-Pitt insider tells OK!. "She puts her hands on Angie's stomach to feel the twins kick and she jumps back and starts grinning!"
Little Shiloh is taking other baby steps as well. The 2-year old has begun sleeping in a big-girl bed and is even almost potty trained.
"She's got her pull-up diapers and tells Mom and Dad when she has to go to the bathroom," a source says. "She's trying to get the hang of it all on her own — just like she did with walking." (source)

Yesterday I reported Shiloh was having difficulties adjusting to the big family but I also said they are just kids and it’s just normal to be jealous, eat junk food and fight. So I'm glad to hear that Shiloh is alright and happy for the babies, she just needed someone to explain they are her little sisters and I'm sure Brangelina did a good job.
Angelina might be in labor now…

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