Friday, June 6, 2008

OMG!! Brad Pitt Is Insanely Smart!!

I cannot believe I'm saying this but Brad Pitt is the sweetest, the most attractive, and the hottest insane guy ever! To celebrate the future birth of his twins with Angelina Jolie, Brad spent an astonishing amount of money in bizarre furniture!!! OMG!!
WTF!!! I know!!! Some of us, mere immortals can’t even afford furniture, much less furniture so priceless it’s a piece of art by itself!! Come on, Brad is gorgeous, smart, talented, a humanitarian and to top it off he has expensive good taste! We love Brad Pitt!!

The film star paid 150,000 pounds ($293,000) for a hollow white marble rococo-style table by the Dutch designer Jeroen Verhoeven at the booth of the London-based Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Director Loic Le Gaillard said in an interview today.
Pitt’s 4-foot-long “Cinderella Table,” from an edition of six, is hewn from a solid block of Carrara marble. Another version of the table was among 16 pieces that the gallery had sold by the second afternoon of the fair, said Le Gaillard.
Brad’s other purchases included chairs, lamps, and a rug made from aluminum thread that is priced at $175 per square foot. No word was available on the exact size of the rug he ordered.

Yep, those are really weird pieces of furniture… I mean art… of course Brad is not letting all of his 4, soon to be 6 kids play around those expensive, dangerous art pieces!!

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