Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Is Lonely & Bullied By Her Siblings

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have the hard task of educating 4 children under the age of 7 years old. A lot has been said about their parenting skills but they are just kids… fighting and some bruises are bound to happen.

With four kids come four very different personalities, which all seem to clash. And the sibling rivalry is brutal.
Maddox, 6, is constantly pushing Pax, 4, around in an attempt to show him who’s boss, says a source. “But Pax is no wimp, and he fights back.”
But it’s little Zahara, 3, who really rules the roost! “She screams and shouts at the boys when she doesn’t get her way,” says the source. Not even Shiloh, 22 months, is safe — and the toddler has the battle scars to prove it. “Z is always pushing or scratching her.”
Zahara’s picking on Shiloh is usually motivated by snacks. “Z once clawed Shiloh’s cheek after she tried to take her cookie,” says an insider who witnessed one incident. “She’s always pulling on Shiloh’s hair so she can steal her food.”
And little Shiloh has more than her hair to worry about! Recently while Shiloh’s three older siblings roughhoused, she got knocked down and chipped a tooth! “Angie gets worried when Shi plays with them,” says the insider. “She always comes back with a scraped knee or a fat lip!”
In fact, another source says food is a problem with all the kids and blames much of their rowdiness on a poor diet. “They eat fast food, pizza, chips and sugary soft drinks,” says the source. “Brad and Angie let them eat what they want because it brings harmony to the chaotic household.” To make matters worse, the insider adds, “because bedtime is whenever the kids feel like it, they get overly tired and cranky. Brad and Angelina don’t like to be too strict.” (source)

The kids were also seen eating Cheetos and other type of snacks raising the question: Were Brangelina feeding their kids with junk food? This is stupid… of course that when the kids are out with their parents you won’t see them with a bag of vegetables and cereals…
“If Zahara wants ice cream for breakfast, she’ll get it,” an insider told. And Cheetos, too, if photos of Zahara and her three siblings, each munching on their own bag of yummies, is any indication.
Seems one reason for all the fast-food fixes is that Brad and Angie don’t want nannies and chefs taking care of their brood. “They like to take care of the kids on their own,” the source revealed. “But they can’t cook, so they look for food that comes out of a box and doesn’t have to be cooked — and the kids just love fried foods.”
But a friend of the famous couple has another take on the trend. “Brad and Angelina work really hard at letting their kids be normal. That means they let them do stuff we all did as kids, like eat chocolate or scarf down a bag of chips.” (source)

Angie and Brad are getting ready to welcome their twins and double the trouble. This brought even more speculation around Shiloh and how she feels… Shiloh is reportedly a lonely baby and she is not taking the twins news that well, it seems like she is jealous…
Golden child Shiloh is one lonely little girl and she is "acting up" and acting out as she looks for attention.
Shiloh is already having trouble adjusting to her new life in France, where, insiders say, the family plans to remain through the end of the year at least. They just leased a $70 million estate in country. “Shiloh just hasn’t had chances to make friends and socialize,” says Angie’s friend.
“They’re aware that this is the end of Shiloh’s time as the baby of the family,” says Brad’s friend. “As much as they want Shiloh to feel secure, she’s going to have to make do with even less attention from Mommy.” (source)

Oh come on!! Of course Shiloh and all the Brangelina’s kids will eventually be jealous… that happens in big family… well it happens in every family… it’s normal, it’s one of the stages of growing up!
People are expecting these kids to behave like adults who can control their emotions and actions… everyone needs to let them be children and fight, play and eat junk food…
Kids seem to be happy and that is what really matters!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow... people actually resort to writing these things? Why people read tabloids is beyond me. An "inside source"... sure. Because someone who is near and dear to Angelina and Brad would go tell an amateur writer about what goes on in that household. And Shiloh isn't taking the news well? Seriously? She's two! She doesn't understand that there will be an addition to the family. I sure as hell didn't understand when I was two about getting a sister. Nothing here sounds even remotely close to believable. Next time, try and fake a story better.

Anonymous said...

I love how these creepy obsessed fans think these kind of stories are lies. This sounds about right for children who don't have time to bond before they get new siblings, or the parents dont help the children adjust.