Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Max & Emme First Public Appearance!

Finally Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony take the twins for some fresh air! I wish we could see how Max and Emme look now… they must be beautiful now!!

Performing on Tuesday for the first time since giving birth to her twin girls Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez visited an elementary school for autistic children in Staten Island, New York.
After wrapping things up at the local school, Lopez headed home - as she soon rushed off with hubby Marc Anthony and their two little angels to catch a plane headed for Belgium, where they landed earlier today. (source)

Photos: Gossip Girls

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natasha said...

awww...its so nice of her to give those kids a performance..although what those kids were doing watching the vidoe daily and learning the lyrics id never know..i mean i know the school standards are bad but this is way over the edge..check out this fantastic spoof i found the other far the funniest thing ive seen in months..totally nails j lo, even though shes not trying.