Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Mayer Says “I’m Not a Douchebag! I Fancy Jennifer Aniston!”

John Mayer feels like he had to defend himself on interview against his reputation of celebrity serial dating and broken hearts. John points out he is not a cheater but he fancies girls and he is a player!!!Did you hear that, Jennifer Aniston?? He fancies girls, takes them for a meal and a spin and then dumps them for the next girl! Careful!! John is currently on tour in Europe and Jennifer followed him… apparently for a romantic week in London.

On dating: "I've never cheated on anybody, so you won't have anybody coming out the woodwork saying that I have. Instead of worrying about career damage, I've dated women. All I've ever done was decided that I fancied somebody, and said, 'Would you like to go out and get a meal somewhere?' And done so in a social setting, where other people can see you. And then maybe 'Would you like to go have another meal?' Maybe did that a few times. And then, when I realized that I didn't wanna wrong anybody by continuing, said, 'I'd rather be a great friend to you than a bad boyfriend.' I swear to God, I have a really good track record!"

On how the public perceives him: "I think I'm a good beer-buddy. The only people I rub up wrong are the people who think I shouldn't be having this good a time: the people who go, 'No one man should be that happy.' 'Not fair,' is what you should have the world screaming to you. That is how you should be pissin' people off."

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On making decisions: "The one thing I'll take with me to my grave, hopefully, is that I've never made a decision based on anything other than my heart."

On people's perceptions of his motivation: "It's a very interesting thing, man," he says, fidgeting as he locates what he hopes are the right words. "I never really think about money, to be honest with you. I've never done things for money." He pauses briefly, then corrects himself. "Er, very few things have I done for money." Another pause - this one more the deliberate timing of a comedian. "I've never done things solely for money," he grins. "I think that's what I wanna say. But the idea that there would be any advantage...?"

(Photos of Jennifer Aniston @ La Famiglia Restaurant in London's Chelsea reportedly waiting for John Mayer, June 22)
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