Friday, July 11, 2008

John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston: Love Letters & Sex Scandals!

John Mayer is doing everything to make Jennifer Aniston happy! But it was bound to happen, Jen would discover sooner or later some of his biggest secrets like love letters from Jessica Simpson and hooking up with fans.

His girlfriend Jennifer Aniston found "a batch" of love letters from his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson in his guitar case. "Jennifer was more hurt than angry at the discovery," said a source. "The letters surprisingly were very touching and well written." Aniston appeared to be fine after Mayer smoothed things over. Her rep called the tale "completely fabricated." (source)

Yeah, I would be surprised too! Jessica can actually write! Shocking!!
John is a wise guy! He confesses he used to hook up with fans but he is too scared of doing it now cause he doesn’t want to be the star of one of those famous pieces of art, “John Mayer’s sex tape” or “John Mayer’s nude photos”.
“I might have hooked up with people, but as soon as we hooked up, they weren’t fans anymore.”
Mayer spilled the beans on his sex life and groupie banging, but insists he will never sleep with a fan again. Ever since the invention of the camera cell phone, he is paranoid a leak of a sex tape or nude Mayer photos will leak to the internet.
“(I haven’t done it) in a really long time – not since the camera phone! I’m not trusting enough to really open up to anybody I don’t know very well anymore.” (source)

OMG! I think John Mayer is getting smart… finally he says something that makes sense! Maybe there’s hope for John&Jen!!

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