Thursday, July 10, 2008

New REAL Photos Of Angelina Jolie Through Hospital Room Window

The photos that came out last week that were reportedly from Angelina Jolie showing off her baby bump at the hospital window were fake, that’s not her as we predicted! In a statement to the press the hospital rep tells: "It is impossible to see into Mr. Brad Pitt and Mrs. Angelina Jolie's room. This is not Mr. Brad Pitt or Mrs. Angelina Jolie in them."The rep says that the windows of Jolie's room have been covered with a special material to prevent any prying eyes (photo below - a man puts an opaque screen on a window).

New photos have just came out that seem to be Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt milling about her private hospital room at Lenval Hospital in Nice, France early this morning.
I find it hard to believe that the photo would be faked, I mean, why? The photos aren’t anything special or even valuable. I suppose it’s possible that the photo has been faked but what is more likely is that, if it’s not them, it must be other people in the same hospital. Personally, I think the hospital is just trying to cover their butt. The pics look genuine to me … but, who really knows. (source)

I think the hospital said the first photos were fake, which we already knew… but these last photos look pretty real to me… it seems like someone forgot to keep the screen down (Brad is doing it in one of the photos).

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