Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nicole Kidman’s Baby Bump Evolution! (Photos)

Actress Nicole Kidman is about to give birth to her first biological child any time now. This was one baby bump that raised some eyebrows… the bump always looked smaller than it should be and rumors of a surrogate began.

(Some photos removed by request)

Of course not all women develop those huge baby bumps that make you scream for the baby to pop out already. Also the bump seemed to have a yo-yo growth, which make it even more dubious... I guess it doesn’t really matter the way this baby was conceived but that both Nicole and Keith Urban seem to be ecstatic to become parents for the first time.

Keith confessed: “I'm very excited about it. [We do know the sex.] But I'm not saying. I'm glad we found out though, because it brought it home, you know what I'm saying.”
But Nicole was seen shopping for blue items and it’s most probably a boy!
Congrats Nicole and Keith!!


2 confessions:

Anonymous said...

How has it been yo-yoing? She looks slightly different depending on what clothes she's wearing, but not weirdly so. And there were pictures of her lifting her shirt. Get over yourself, she doesn't have a surrogate!

Anonymous said...

pregnant tummys can yoyo depending on what you eat and other things - mine did, I also only had a smallis bump until my last two weeks - just didn't eat everything in sight like some women and did preggy yoga etc