Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tom Cruise Is Still Hot… NOT! Katie Holmes Is Pregnant!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri enjoyed a family celebration of the Independence Day in their Telluride home. Katie looks so tired, skinny and she got a bump… is she pregnant? Or is it just bloat?? She really looks pregnant to me…

Middle age could be catching up with the 46-year-old actor after he was spotted showing off a chubbier frame on a hiking trip in Colorado.
The Top Gun star and Holmes, 29, spent the long weekend with their family at their Telluride home in the Centennial State to celebrate America's Independence Day.
In between joining the locals for the national holiday festivities, Cruise enjoyed a hike in the hot sun around the nearby mountains. After arriving back from his walk, a sweaty Cruise showed off his expanding girth as he stripped off by his car. (source)
Yikes!! Tom put that shirt on!! Aging is a b*tch!! Tom better hurry popping out the TomKat babies, he doesn’t wanna look like their grandpa!


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