Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paris Hilton Does Some Good Just for Benji!

I think this is so completely hypocritical from Paris, it loses any sense of innocence a moment like this should have. Besides is she trying to pull a Princess Diana?? It just doesn’t work for Paris!!
Paris Hilton says she’s all geared up to hit the road with her rocker beau Benji Madden when his band, Good Charlotte kicks off their international tour next week.
“We’re actually leaving in a couple days for South Africa, so I’ll be with him,” Hilton - who has been dating Madden for a month and a half, said.
She was the airhead heiress who pledged to abandon her wildchild ways and devote herself to charity after a spell in prison.
So after her flopped trip to Rwanda to do some good, Paris decides to spread her love to the Jakaranda Kinderhuis orphanage in Pretoria, South Africa. There’s only one good thing about this… the happy kids who are just happy to see her!

Anyways, check out the pictures she’s signing for the kids. Since I’m pretty sure the orphanage didn’t have a stack of Paris Hilton 8×10s on hand, she brought those. Bikini pictures. For orphans. If ever there was a perfect picture that shows just how warped this bitch’s mind is, there it is. [Celebslam]
That’s Paris!! She’s just classy!!

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Anonymous said...

That's too funny! :)

Paris: "I will be like Princess Diana. Blonde hair? Check.

Now! What do the little buggers need. Milk? Water? Food? Toys?... I know! The need a picture of ME in a bikini signed by ME.