Monday, June 16, 2008

Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia Public Cuddling Session

Finally!!! Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia have been playing hide and seek for too long… we all knew they were getting hot with each other. The two Heroes stars were very private about their relationship and for a long time they declared they were only friends.

The couple was spotted snuggling up at the Kira Plastinina US Launch Ace Gallery in Los Angeles.
Milo may have to make the most of Hayden while he's got the chance, as she's reportedly about to embark on a new singing career. According to press reports from the States, Hayden will be a releasing her debut single, titled Wake Up Call, this August. (source)

Hayden and Milo look great together! As you can see in the photos, Hayden traded her new short haircut for a few extensions!

Photos: Ultimate Hayden

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Anonymous said...

awww i think they are cute! and wait who is kira plastinina, is she that really young designer? i think i saw that MTV is doing a reality show on her...funny i've never seen her stuff but i guess she throws big enough parties to get hayden there!!