Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eva Longoria Expanding Baby Bump (Photos)

This isn’t just another rumor! We finally have evidence! Eva Longoria is showing off a baby bump on set of Desperate Housewives. In a recent interview Eva confessed she was packing some extra weight as a requirement for her role as Gabrielle Solis and she also expressed her desire to have children with her husband Tony Parker.

Longoria, who plays the usually glamorous, slim, sexpot Gabrielle Solis, has been wolfing down pizza and pasta - and it shows. Her figure - still waif-like by ordinary standards - is, by Hollywood's rather more rigorous criteria, a little rounder than usual.
'I've been cooking and eating, cooking and eating,' admits the actress, who is married to basketball player Tony Parker. 'I've eaten pretty much everything in sight.'
So, as indelicate as it seems to ask the beautiful Ms Longoria the 'fat or pregnant' question, she clearly has some explaining to do. 'I'd love to have a family,' she begins tentatively.
'I've always wanted to be married with kids. I almost had a checklist in my head: career? Check. Marriage? Check. Kids? Check. I can't wait!'
She refuses to say whether she is pregnant or not. 'There's always something people are asking you,' she says. 'When you're dating someone, it's, "When are you going to get married?"
Then you get married and it's, "When's the baby?" Then you have a baby and it's, "When's the divorce?" So I guess I should count myself lucky we're still at the "When's the baby?" stage.' (source)

There is a baby on the way for sure… Eva is just trying to fool us with Desperate Housewives change of plot. Actually it would be the perfect time to get pregnant and continue working since it wouldn’t affect her work…
Congratulations to Eva and Tony!!

Photos: Gossip Girls

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