Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cash Warren & Jessica Alba Secret Wedding Details

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have gotten married, her rep, Brad Cafarelli confirmed the story. According to a source, they were married in the Beverly Hills courthouse's ceremony room under an arch of green silk foliage and white flowers. They were casually dressed, with Alba wearing a long blue dress and her hair back in a ponytail."She looked happy but nervous," the source says. Warren, in a white shirt and brown pants, arrived with Alba at about 11:30 a.m. on Monday, applied for a marriage license and waited about 40 minutes for the paperwork to be processed before a staff member from the courthouse married them, the source says.
Nobody else attended the wedding, the source adds. Apparently not even Jessica’s brother knew about the ceremony. "My sister!? I'm going to have to call her!" Josh Alba said when Us Weekly alerted him to the news Tuesday.
When asked if Warren will make a good husband, Josh said "Well, he's my brother in law now!" Ah ah surprise!!! I bet he didn’t like hearing it from a magazine but sister Jess should have at least told him “hey bro, I’m married now!!”

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