Monday, June 30, 2008

Katie Holmes & Suri Break Free From Cruise’s Prison Home

It has been a long time since we last saw Katie Holmes with baby Suri out and about. Creepy Tom Cruise was probably keeping them like prisoners in his high security mansion!!
Fashionista Katie Holmes and her two-year-old daughter, Suri, stepped out in matching stripe tops in Hollywood on Saturday night. They look so cute together!!
Katie is getting ready for Broadway debut in All My Sons, which will open October 16. Holmes and husband Tom Cruise are planning to move to the Big Apple during the show's 16-week run.
We missed baby Suri!!



Penelope Cruz ♥ Javier Bardem Celebrate Spain Euro 2008 Victory!

Oh this year i'm off to Sunny Spain Y Viva España
I'm taking the Costa Brava 'plane Y Viva España
If you'd like to chat a matador, in some cool cabana
And meet senoritas by the score, España por favor
Y Viva España!!! Congratulations Spain!!

(Photos removed by request,
photos still available here)
Spain won the 2008 European Championship Final 1-0 over Germany. It looks like having a little celebrity boost was just what they needed.
The “Vanilla Sky” actress, Penelope Cruz and her actor boyfriend Javier Bardem were spotted in Madrid, Spain over the weekend showing their support for the Spanish national soccer team. (source)

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are reportedly engaged! They make such a perfect couple… can’t wait to be invited to that wedding, once they set the date! We will keep you informed!!

Photos: Gossip Girls


Sienna Miller Bangin' Married Millionaire Balthazar Getty (Photos)

Just a month after dumping Rhys Ifans, Sienna Miller jumped into a relationship (affair) with a married man, a multi-millionaire oil heir, Balthazar Getty.You would think Sienna Miller knows better. Just to remind you Sienna and Jude Law’s wedding ended after he cheated her with their nanny. So Sienna went from a cheated woman to a cheater. BAD Sienna!!! This girl is bad news!

The besotted pair have been holed up together day and night in Hollywood after his heartbroken wife fled the country with their kids.
Despite playing a cat and mouse game to stay out of the headlines they have been spotted secretly meeting at restaurants near their hillside hideaway.
A source revealed: "They went to great pains to find a place where they thought nobody would find them. They daren't go out together, so they spend most of their time inside. When they do leave, they go separately."
In one rendezvous on Thursday, 26-year-old Sienna drove to a restaurant while former heroin addict Getty, 33, even cycled there to try to avoid being spotted with her. Now Getty's clothes designer wife Rosetta has RUN AWAY to Italy with their four children —the youngest born only eight months ago—after rumbling her wandering husband. (source)
A friend said: "They began meeting in Prague and that was when the chemistry started and he began wooing her. (Prague photos here>>)
"She had a boyfriend and it didn't immediately turn physical but there was something there. This behaviour is typical Sienna. She loves the power of being able to take a man off another woman.
"At least Rhys Ifans can try to get over it now. He knows she lied to him about Prague so that will make it a bit easier for him to move on." (source)

This girl is a real b*tch!! Just show her the smell of money and she will follow… Sienna should just move in with her true love Keira Knightley and ruin only one home!!


Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Make Out Like Horny Teenagers! (Photos)

Jennifer Aniston headed to the UK to support her boyfriend John Mayer on tour but now she is coming back to LA. So the lovebirds used their last night together in London making out in the backseat of a car.What kind of position is that?? And where is Jennifer’s other hand?? Why is John Mayer looking like he just had an orgasm???

Jennifer Aniston snapped pictures of her boyfriend John Mayer as she watched him perform from backstage at Hard Rock Calling Festival in London's Hyde Park Saturday (photos here).
"She was holding this big professional camera as he kicked off the set," a backstage witness says: "As soon as he started singing she started taking photos. She was smiling and tapping her foot."(source)

Aren’t they behaving like teenagers?? Love is soo cute!!

[photos - Jennifer Aniston at the airport in London]


Victoria’s Secret Model Karolina Kurkova Is NOT Fat

How can this woman be considered fat?? Don’t talk about cellulite! Every woman in the world has it… more or less visibly but it’s there believe me!! Karolina Kurkova looks fantastic to me… maybe her problem is that she actually looks healthy and that usually scares some uptight people in the fashion business.

Fashion critics have blasted model Karolina Kurkova for looking too fat in a bikini. Seriously. The Czech model wore a bikini in a recent Cia Maritima runway show and revealed what the horrified style snobs called “back fat, love handles and cellulite.”
Karolina Kurkova, 24, is one of the highest-earning models in the world, according to Forbes, and is best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and whose super-fit physique has graced the pages of international fashion mags.
But after the show during Sao Paulo’s Fashion Week, a Brazilian paper noted that the leggy 5-foot-11 Kurkova “shocked” the audience when she appeared looking uncharacteristically chubby with “cellulite on her butt.” (source)

Go Karolina! You look fabulous!!



Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Gossip Links: HOT Insane Celebs

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Treats Marc Anthony Like a Slave!!

Jennifer Lopez’s diva behavior has no limit, which includes controlling and bossing Marc Anthony around. Poor Marc is soooo scary skinny that it shows he is suffering from abuse… physical abuse!!!

“…She uses Marc as an extra set of arms-but only ends up criticizing him. Marc doesn’t dare to ever question her strict guidelines,” an insider says sharply.
In fact, Jenn’s got an entire list of demands for her personal manny, including wrapping twins Max and Emme’s bottles in “special blankets.” So that she may get a full night of sleep, the Selena star requires that Marc be on-call to care for the kids between 10 p.m and 8 a.m.
“He has fallen so far down on her list of priorities that he is practically invisible.”
Jennifer even picks coordinates her husband’s outfits! “At first he was happy that Jennifer dressed him, but now he has no say at all in what he wears.” (source)

I told you so… Marc stays up all night while JLo takes her beauty sleep. The guy is disappearing, if he loses anymore weight he will be a corpse. I feel sorry for Marc… come on over Marc we will feed you an hamburger twice a day!! If anyone wants to donate for the cause email me at confessing7girl [at] gmail [dot] com.



Mary-Kate Olsen Hates Spencer Pratt, He Fires Back!!

Mary-Kate Olsen goes to Letterman to promote her new movie, The Wackness, in which she had a very hot making out scene with Ben Kingsley and ends up talking about Spencer Pratt.

When it came to the subject of media whores, Spencer Pratt came up. She didn’t exactly have warm tender feelings.

David Letterman: “Don’t you think he is a little wormy?”
Mary Kate Olsen: “Yeah. He used to play on the soccer team for um…high school.”
David Letterman: “That guy on the soccer team?”
Olsen: “He does not have a good temper. He walked out of a few games. He would walk off the field. He was like, ‘Me or the coach! ”
Letterman: “Oh, a bad temper on the soccer field?”
Olsen: “Yeah, yeah. He walked out on a few games.”
Letterman: “He did what?!”
Olsen: “Walk off the field. He was like, “me or the coach!”
Letterman: “Were you friends with the guy?”
Olsen: “No.”
Letterman: “I’m surprised about the soccer because looking at the guy, he looks like he has never broken a sweat.”
Olsen: “Oh my God, yeah! That brings up stories! I don‘t know if I should talk about them.”
Letterman: “Lets hear one! Lets go!”
Olsen: “The Wackness is a great film!” (laughs)
Letterman: “How does he get to be so oily at that age?”
Olsen: “It is a mystery to me.” (source)

Check the video here>>

Spencer lost no time to answer cause he loves this, he craves for attention, he breaths futility!!
"I don't really get why she'd use my name to get press for her little indie film that no one's going to see. She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me."
"I know I've made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman," Pratt told US Weekly.
"I forgive her, though," he added. "She's had to go through life as the less cute twin, which must be tough."

I love it!! There’s nothing funnier than Spencer “brainless” Pratt calling Mary-Kate a troll. And I wonder if he has a mirror at home… it’s not like he is the cutest man on earth but Spencer can be proud to be the dumbest in history of mankind!
Go Mary-Kate!! Just ignore him… he wants you to talk about him!!

[photos - Mary-Kate Olsen arrives at the "Late Show With Dave Letterman"]


Friday, June 27, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears Delivery Room Drama NOT Real

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Maddie Briann, on June 19 and she counted on her whole family (including Britney) there for support. But it seems like tabloids can’t get a good story unless there is a lot of drama to the mix.

The birth of Jamie Lynn Spears' new daughter, Maddie Briann, wasn't without complications... to say the least.
In the new issue of Star we have all the details about Jamie Lynn's delivery room drama — including her life-threatening decision, emergency surgery to save the baby, Britney's jealous episode, Lynne Spears fighting with everyone and the brouhaha over a paternity test.
"The baby's heart rate dropped every time she tried to push," a family insider tells Star. "They did an ultrasound and quickly discovered that the umbilical cord was too short." But despite the doctors' dire warnings, the 17-year-old "was adamant about having a natural delivery."
Everyone in the room at Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in McComb, Miss., pleaded with Jamie Lynn to listen to the doctors — including big sister Britney. Brit had already been with Jamie Lynn for hours, massaging her back as she endured painful contractions. "But she got mad," says the insider. She told Jamie Lynn to "just have a damn Caesarian," as she did. "Britney then ran out in tears because she couldn't bear to see what was happening."
The girls mother, Lynne, only added to the tension. "Lynne was already angry because her daughter didn't want her in the delivery room at all," says the source. "But she had insisted on being there, along with Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn's boyfriend. Jamie Lynn cussed and yelled at her mom, and told her to get out. She cursed Lynne for bringing her into the world to bear such pain." (source)

Do you believe this??? This just seems like a lot of crap to me. I’m not saying everything was wonderful and perfect… some parts of the story can be truth… but all that drama in one single delivery?? They have got to be making it up!
First photos of baby Maddie Briann were published on what is claimed to be Jamie Lynn’s MySpace but apparently OK! Magazine already had bought the exclusive when they announced the pregnancy.



Miley Cyrus Sexiest Angriest Photo Shoot Ever

Disney star Miley Cyrus is preparing for the release of her new album “Breakout”. The first song to come out will be “7 Things” and Miley is happy the song came out angry… what is Miley so angry about?!?

"The word 'hate' could describe how angry I am. [It goes] through all the different stages of what's been going on the past couple years," she said. "It was like a little therapy moment for me."
Asked if worried about possibly offending a former boyfriend, Disney’s Hannah Montana star proved undaunted. "I want them to be upset. That was my point," she said. "I was a little worried, but I'm excited that I just did it."
Cyrus skirted around the topic of alleged ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas and insists that the song's not about a specific person – such as a backup dancer she denies she is dating.
"No way," she said of the dancer. "We're all best friends, just really close and goofing around." (People)

Miley has been busy shooting the music video and posing for the promotional material. At least this photo shoot looks more appropriate for her age with the exception of those big red high heels!

Photo: MileyOnline