Friday, July 18, 2008

Is Lindsay Lohan Gay?? Is The Pope Catholic?? (Photos)

After nearly five days without her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan just couldn’t hold back. When Samantha Ronson, arrived on the LA set of Lindsay’s movie Labor Pains on July 10, Lindsay rushed toward her, not caring who saw. As they headed off set, the couple — who in the past have gone out of their way to hide their physical affection — tenderly brushed hands.
The moment wasn’t lost on anyone around them. “It looked like a really big deal for Lindsay,” an onlooker says. “She knew people would see her and Sam and know they were together. It looked like she knew it was time.”
While most of Hollywood’s wondering if the relationship is an act, Lindsay’s inner circle believes it’s the real deal. “Everyone knows they’re together and in love,” says a pal of Lindsay’s.
But while Lindsay — who has publicly battled issues with men, drugs and alcohol — seems to have finally found peace with Sam, her heart is still breaking.
The reason: Lindsay’s family hasn’t accepted her new relationship. Despite the couple’s obvious attraction, Lindsay’s mom, Dina, told Life & Style at a recent NYC event that the two girls are merely “very good friends.”
Despite her parents’ reaction to her relationship, Lindsay is determined to make things with Sam work — and when Sam recently presented her with a $22,000 Cartier ring as a symbol of their commitment, Lindsay happily accepted it.

[Source; Photos: TMZ]


Nicole Kidman Rocks Post Pregnancy Body

Just less than 2 weeks after giving birth to baby girl Sunday Rose Urban, Nicole Kidman is out and about and looking fantastic as always!!
Nicole is prepared to offer the photos of baby Sunday for free... I will only believe it when I see it! :D

Nicole recently emailed the NY Post about little Sunday saying, "We are in heaven. Can't stop staring at her in complete awe. Feeling incredibly blessed to have been given this precious little angel. Can't wait for you to meet her!" (source)

[Photos: PopSugar]


Victoria Beckham Is Incredibly Ordinary For Allure Magazine

On her family life: "At the moment, we're fine, the five of us. At some point, I'd love to have a girl, you know – just for all the clothes I've got to hand down. It would be tremendous fun. I've got great girlie advice that I can share."

On her looks: "I just make the best out of what I have. I'm not out-of-the-ordinary-looking at all. I'm incredibly ordinary"

On her non-smiling Posh persona: "I kind of created this character at the beginning of the Spice Girls. I didn't smile very much; it was quite pouty. I was famous for wearing a little black Gucci dress. [Except] it wasn't a little black Gucci dress, it was a little black High Street dress. It was incredibly cheap. I just accessorized it well and had the pose that went with it. [...] Of course I smile. It's just that they don't use those pictures. It's a better story to say that I'm a miserable cow. I get it."

On Project Runway: "[It] shows how hard you have to work in fashion. These designers don't have money. They don't have huge budgets. Some of the challenges are there just because they're fun for TV. Is anybody ever going to be asked to make a dress out of candy? Of course not. But it makes good viewing. I see Heidi quite a lot, and her kids. Really lovely family."

On a 1997 photo of her with the Spice Girls: "You know, fashion changes. Rather than ever looking back at my clothes and cringing, I look back at the makeup and cringe. It looks like someone beat me up and pushed me onto the stage."

On her personal style: "If I'm going to an event, it takes me about an hour and a half to put my hair up and have some makeup put on … I don’t have a stylist. I deal with that side of things myself. [...] I have a photographic memory [for clothes]. I can remember what everybody wears, all the time."

[Source; Photos: Allure]


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron Makeout On the Beach Like Horny Teenagers!!

That’s exactly what they are… young and irresponsible! They look so cute together. Wasn’t Zac Efron gay?? I like Vanessa Hudgens on top attitude… show him who’s in control!!

They’ve been dating for more than a year, but Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens proved their romance is hotter than ever during an ultra-romantic vacation on the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos.
The High School Musical sweethearts escaped to the island paradise on July 6, and stayed at the exclusive, secluded Amanyara Resort on Malcolm’s Road Beach, where villas go for up to $8,000 a night. “They looked like a happy young couple,” says a witness who saw the pair “laughing all the time” and frolicking on the hotel’s beach during their week-long stay.
Although Zac, 20, and Vanessa, 19, went away together to be alone, they were friendly to the other tourists who recognized them, including a bunch of young HSM fans. “They were nice to all of the kids who approached them,” a fellow vacationer reveals. “They were a very gracious couple.” (source)

Photo: InTouch


Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Rid Of Her Famous Mole

That mole is not a beauty mark! It makes Sarah Jessica Parker look older and it’s distracting and it's a little uncomfortable to be looking at. I’m just surprised she didn’t get rid of it any sooner…

Sarah Jessica Parker attended Tuesday night’s All-Star game, and hit the field beforehand for an announcement about cancer research. Parker has long had a trademark mole on her chin, which has been visible throughout her career.
But at the game, as seen in an unairbrushed AP photo, no mole. At least one of the remarkably cruel reviews of “Sex and the City: The Movie” commented on her beauty mark. The New York Observer’s Rex Reed began his review with the following:
There’s nothing wrong with Sarah Jessica Parker that couldn’t be cured by wart-removal surgery. That growth on her face just gets bigger with every close-up, and in the full-length movie version of Sex and the City it’s so distracting you can’t concentrate on anything else. It’s not a beauty mark. I guess you can’t tell a co-producer anything, but listen up, girl. At this point, you would make a wonderful Halloween witch.
No word - if indeed she has had the mole removed, if it was for medical of cosmetic reasons. (source)

Photo: Celebitchy


Hayden Panettiere “Wake Up Call” Music Video

Love this girl!! Hayden Panettiere does everything she wants, she doesn’t care about what people say and she is dating one hot man, Mr. Milo Ventimiglia.Hayden’s debut single “Wake Up Call” is the soundtrack of this season’s Candie’s advertising campaign.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Photo of Jessica Alba's Baby Honor Marrie Warren

On giving birth: "I didn't scream. It was really Zen. The labor was more like meditation, I did yoga breathing. I was focused."

On baby Honor Marie Warren: "It hasn't totally sunk in. She dreams, she smiles, and coos and does all these things, but she hasn't seen enough of the world yet to understand any of that stuff. So I still feel like she's connected to the other world, or something. There's no other way to explain it. It's a miracle."

On getting back into shape: "I started working out last Thursday, but for 20 minutes. I do cardio on my own. I'm doing it slow," she says. "Now I'm starting to eat more healthy. Because after working out, having fried chicken and mashed potatoes is a little counteractive."

So who does Honor look more like?
"She looks like a girl version of me," Cash says. "She has my nose, my eyebrows and my..."
"Forehead and dimples," Jessica finishes, adding, "She has my mouth when I was a baby. And my ears."
"Maybe Honor is a mixture," Cash reconsiders. "I want her to look like me, because a daughter looking like Jessica, I'd kill myself!"

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jennifer Lopez vs. Uma Thurman: Pregnant Or Fat??

Uma Thurman's belly is just bizarre… if it’s not a baby bump it might be an alien infection and she is going to get her belly ripped off by an alien monster in like 3 months. Excuse me... but I just watched "The X-Files: Fight the Future" movie this weekend!!Fashion disaster!! Jennifer Lopez wants to fit in a dress like 6 sizes too small… I’m sure Marc Anthony could fit in the dress, why not put him in the photo shoot instead of her!?


Miracle Babies & Celebrity Scandals

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Welcome Twins Vivienne Marcheline & Knox Leon (BSC)
Nicole Kidman To Give Photos of Baby Sunday Rose Urban For Free (KUC)
Adorable White Lion Cubs - Survival of the cutest!

Miley Cyrus’ Phone Hacked: Wet T-Shirt Photo Scandal! (BS)
John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston: Love Letters & Sex Scandals!
Sienna Miller Gets Cozy With Married Balthazar Getty in Italy (GG)

Heath Ledger’s Family Attends The Dark Knight Premiere (TG)
‘The Dark Knight’ Premiere in NY (SG)

Justin Timberlake's Grandma Is Planning His Wedding (CM)
Taboo from Black Eyed Peas Gets Married - Isn't he gay? (G&B)
Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel Split (AH)
Jamie Lynn Spears’ Reproduction Rap!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jessica Alba Covers Cosmopolitan - August 2008 (Full Scans)

Jessica Alba shows off her soft and girly side in the August UK Cosmopolitan. The actress and new mom opens up about her pregnancy, her surprise wedding, and how she never thought she'd end up where she is now. Here are some highlights:On falling for Cash: "We met on the set of The Fantastic Four in 2005. I remember thinking right away, 'What a great guy.' The first week we got together, he gave me a note saying, 'I really, really like you.' And that was exactly how I felt. Cash believes, as I do, in taking life as it comes. Nothing was planned – the pregnancy or the wedding – but he took it in his stride and convinced me we’d conquer all! I love that. He makes me laugh more than anyone — and he's great looking too..."

On being pregnant: "I never felt less sexy [photos here>>] . I mean, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world and my cravings weren't so bad — I craved citrus fruits, like lemons, oranges and grapefruit. But I wanted to get rid of all the weight. It was also a great happiness, though and I certainly didn't have any cravings not to be pregnant."

On what surprises her about men, and double standards: "How easily they're attracted to the obvious. All you have to do is dress up in a sexy outfit. When I went blonde for Sin City three years ago, I swear I've never had more male attention. [...] I don’t like double standards. I’d never use a man for sex but I can understand why some women would – and I don’t see why they should be criticized for having the same attitude as men."

On her surprise wedding: "Well, we'd talked about the possibility of having a wedding before the birth, but nothing was decided. Then we just thought, 'Why not?' We wanted to do it for ourselves, not for anyone else, so it just made sense. It was very romantic, though. Cash designed the ring himself. He decided he wanted to wear one, too — I didn't even have to force him! How he proposed is a secret but, needless to say, I said yes right away. We’re not a typical Hollywood couple. I love that he’s not an actor."

On dating actors: "I’m way too high maintenance to be in a relationship with an actor – they’re all such divas! They take longer in hair and makeup than I do. I used to do action scenes in the TV series Dark Angel and if you roughed one of them up, they'd complain. I remember accidentally hitting one guy on the jaw and he needed a 20 minute break so he could put ice on it. He even wanted X-rays! I was like, 'Come on, get over it.'"

On her life now: "I never thought I’d find a man before 30, let alone marry him and have his baby. I always used to meet the wrong guys – the ones who wanted to hang out for a week and see how far they could get. If you didn’t have sex in the first few days, you were either frigid or a lesbian. So I held out – and, boy, am I glad I did!"

[Source; Photo: JessicaAlbaNet]


Mary-Kate Olsen Is a Mess… Get Back to Rehab!!

Mary-Kate Olsen is paying the price of a life of drinking and partying. The death by drug overdose of her rumored lover Heath Ledger and the strained relationship with her twin sister Ashley is taking its toll on poor Mary-Kate. Friends want her to get back to rehab as fast as possible.

Following one recent night of clubbing in L.A., the twin was so out of it that she collapsed in a public parking lot and then spent a short time in a holistic health spa to detox. But that didn't slow her down, and insiders now fear she's out of control and needs more treatment — fast!
"Mary-Kate seriously needs to get to rehab, but she doesn't think she has a problem," says a source. "She thinks she's young, hip and entitled to live her life as she sees fit. But it's affecting everything." (source)

Mary-Kate is so young! We wouldn’t want her to have a tragic destiny like Heath. I wonder where the hell are those twins’ parents?? They were around when they started pimping their daughters at such a young age!


Friday, July 11, 2008

John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston: Love Letters & Sex Scandals!

John Mayer is doing everything to make Jennifer Aniston happy! But it was bound to happen, Jen would discover sooner or later some of his biggest secrets like love letters from Jessica Simpson and hooking up with fans.

His girlfriend Jennifer Aniston found "a batch" of love letters from his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson in his guitar case. "Jennifer was more hurt than angry at the discovery," said a source. "The letters surprisingly were very touching and well written." Aniston appeared to be fine after Mayer smoothed things over. Her rep called the tale "completely fabricated." (source)

Yeah, I would be surprised too! Jessica can actually write! Shocking!!
John is a wise guy! He confesses he used to hook up with fans but he is too scared of doing it now cause he doesn’t want to be the star of one of those famous pieces of art, “John Mayer’s sex tape” or “John Mayer’s nude photos”.
“I might have hooked up with people, but as soon as we hooked up, they weren’t fans anymore.”
Mayer spilled the beans on his sex life and groupie banging, but insists he will never sleep with a fan again. Ever since the invention of the camera cell phone, he is paranoid a leak of a sex tape or nude Mayer photos will leak to the internet.
“(I haven’t done it) in a really long time – not since the camera phone! I’m not trusting enough to really open up to anybody I don’t know very well anymore.” (source)

OMG! I think John Mayer is getting smart… finally he says something that makes sense! Maybe there’s hope for John&Jen!!

Photos: Allie Is Wired


Eva Longoria Shows Baby Bump In a Bikini

Deny! Deny! Deny! Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker have been denying all rumors about a possible pregnancy. The happy couple is still celebrating their first year anniversary in Europe and that’s how Eva was caught looking very pregnant in their private yacht.There is a baby on that oven for sure… or maybe it’s bloat from all the soda she drinks while sitting on her ass, working on her tan all day long!
Anyway this is probably the 3rd time in just a couple of months that we are going to congratulate the new parents-to-be. Congrats Eva and Tony!!

Photos: Hollywood Backwash


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jessica Biel Looks HOT With Make-Up ON!

This girl should never ever leave the house without make-up! Jessica Biel can be hot… even in these photos for Harper’s Bazaar (August 2008) she looks kinda weird.On being shocked by the paparazzi’s guerrilla tactics: “It’s terribly scary to be followed by men in cars with cameras. It’s terrifying, you know? They’re breaking traffic laws and putting you and other people in danger. I try to follow the speed limit and be Zen about it. It’s not like I’m doing anything exciting — going to the dry cleaners or to Whole Foods to shop for groceries.”

On what she loves about Columbia, South Carolina, where she shot her new movie, Nailed: “I love the food. I really have to hold myself back because if I had my choice, I would eat fried green tomatoes and goat cheese all day, every day.”

On marriage (but no mention of Justin Timberlake): “I’ve never been someone who’s like, ‘I have to, have to, have to have it.’ But the idea of being with somebody I care about, who’s my soul mate, that sounds groovy.”



David Duchovny Says Gillian Anderson Is a Good Kisser (The X-Files Spoilers)

David Duchovny seems to be getting a little sentimental on this movie but he still manages to include a reference to porn in the interview and say Gillian Anderson is a good kisser. Typical David!!David on kissing Gillian Anderson: "Is Gillian a good kisser? Yes she is. And we've kissed before over the years. It's been many years of kissing and it's not been a chore at all, at least not for Mulder. I guess you should ask Scully!"

David on how many times Mulder and Scully kiss on screen: "Somebody found one of these video pastiches that fans put together online - they'd cut all the kissing scenes together and set it to music. Gillian and I were watching and she said, 'I thought we only kissed once?' It was like a porn movie. It looked as if we were all over each other!" (video here)

David on admitting that the X-Files reunion was “sentimental” for him: “I realized that Gillian and I have changed over the years, but when you start reading these people, they haven’t. They are the same and they feel the same way about each other.”

David on showing some skin on the big screen: “There’s definitely some skin in this movie. And not all of it is being flayed or ripped apart. There’s some Gillian skin, and some of mine.”

Producer-writer Frank Spotnitz on the plotline: “The emotional story of Mulder and Scully is really the heart of the movie. It’s about their love story.”

We can tell you “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” story is set in winter 2008, so it’s happening in real time, picking up with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully six years after we last saw them alone in a hotel room after Mulder escaped the death penalty. Can’t wait to see this movie!! I’m so excited!! July 25!!!

Source 1, 2, 3


New REAL Photos Of Angelina Jolie Through Hospital Room Window

The photos that came out last week that were reportedly from Angelina Jolie showing off her baby bump at the hospital window were fake, that’s not her as we predicted! In a statement to the press the hospital rep tells: "It is impossible to see into Mr. Brad Pitt and Mrs. Angelina Jolie's room. This is not Mr. Brad Pitt or Mrs. Angelina Jolie in them."The rep says that the windows of Jolie's room have been covered with a special material to prevent any prying eyes (photo below - a man puts an opaque screen on a window).

New photos have just came out that seem to be Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt milling about her private hospital room at Lenval Hospital in Nice, France early this morning.
I find it hard to believe that the photo would be faked, I mean, why? The photos aren’t anything special or even valuable. I suppose it’s possible that the photo has been faked but what is more likely is that, if it’s not them, it must be other people in the same hospital. Personally, I think the hospital is just trying to cover their butt. The pics look genuine to me … but, who really knows. (source)

I think the hospital said the first photos were fake, which we already knew… but these last photos look pretty real to me… it seems like someone forgot to keep the screen down (Brad is doing it in one of the photos).

Source 1, 2; Photos: Pink Is The New Blog


Hayden Panettiere Eating For Two!!

Ah ah!! Did I scare anyone with the title?? No! Hayden Panettiere is not pregnant! She is just taking a break from an exhausting day at the Heroes set to grab a bite or two! :)
Poor Hayden is missing Milo Ventimiglia! Where is Milo?? Hayden is not looking happy at all… it’s like she is eating so she doesn’t miss him too much! So sickly romantic!! So beautiful!!
Warning Heroes SPOILERS ahead…

“One of TV’s hottest men, Mohinder Suresh, has a lot coming up this season, including a love connection with a female Hero we already know (together, they are hot as fire). And let’s just say that if you had a sneaking suspicion Suresh might have some kind of superability, you would not be wrong at one point this season. There is more to him than meets the eye, but he ultimately may need to ’scale back.’”
“Ali Larter is coming back as a totally different person (i.e. doppelgänger), meaning someone who is not Niki or Jessica or Gina, and with a whole new power. And Claire’s bio-madre Jessalyn Gilsig is also returning.” (source)

Can’t wait for next season of Heroes!!

Photos: JJ